• Naveed Anwar

    Naveed Anwar

  • Vivek Pandey

    Vivek Pandey

  • Nidhi Bhandari

    Nidhi Bhandari

  • MaryJo Wagner, PhD

    MaryJo Wagner, PhD

    Non-fiction writing coach with ADHD loves reading, writing, the mountains, Bach and Willa Cather. Get “9 Tips for Readable Writing” at maryjo@mjwagner.com

  • Jake Orlowitz

    Jake Orlowitz

    Internet citizen. Founder of The Wikipedia Library. Seeker of well people and sane societies. Read my book: welcometothecircle.net

  • JoAnn Peach

    JoAnn Peach

    /me: Developer Relations @IntuitDev | Shoe addict | Burner | Home Chef | All-around dork. My other dog is a Wampa.

  • Adeline Lee

    Adeline Lee

  • Arunima Singh

    Arunima Singh

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